Monday, October 09, 2006

A letter to a friend

Hi Friend..

(this is a letter from a true to another true may belong to anyone..)

Whenever, I remember the day when we met, I feel tears im my eyes..its not tears of sadness..but tears of happiness. because, it was you made me realize the meaning of true friendship..somehow, I came to believe that somewere there are still some true friends who exist in this world. I dont know how we met whether it was destiny or what..but whatever it was, it was a very special moment for me as I got to know a person whom I will remember till the death do us apart..I can remember the days when I used to spent time with you and share my grief and happiness with you, and even I could share some of my confidenial secrets with you with a belief in mind that is called a "TRUST"...A true friendship is one where there is trues..and when there is no trust..there doesnt exist any friendship..I still remember the day when you were in a midst of career fall-down and I had made you realize the path that you need to wasnt I who said you those words..but it was a true friend who was trying to empathize you..My intentions were not to console you but to take you out of that moment...and you very well did..I still remember the day I was down mentally and you had brought me up and cherished me that really lifted my spirits..

For that is the true quality of friendship where a true friend always inspires you to do well..and understands you well..and above all lifts up your spirits..
the dictionary meaning of a friend is one who knows you well and regards you with affection and trust. A friend is a person with whom you are acquinted..who backs you or supports you in all your decisions..

and I would always like you to be my friend forwever...and always...

from a friend...

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