Saturday, November 29, 2008

Let us light a candle!

Four days, extreme face of terror. It was really terrible, what happened in Mumbai for last four days, it was such a terrible thing that when we think also, it feels scary for us. Its time for us all to support, pay tribute to all those commandos who fought fiercely and bravely with the terrorists, and finally took the three building under their control. I do not live in Mumbai though but I do want to extend my hearteous support to the mumbaikars; I fill tears in eyes for those who laid their lives. It is needless to say that their presence cannot be filled in theor families, but lests try to understand that life moves on, and lets just move on with te our daily routine. Throughout these 60 hours, there hasnt been a single minute when I havent made myself aware of the situations (thanks to all the news channels for their quick coverage..for whatever reason they did whether it was for TRP or whatever but I dont want to take the onues from them also). So, let us salute to all the matyrs who laid their lives while fighting with the terrorists so that we can sleep peacefully. But, its high time that the Government of India act to the situation as it is getting worse than ever. Everytime, I get out of office, I just have a fear in mind that whether I wil l come back alive or not. There is a fear in my mind that what if today is another bomb blast or a terror attack like this. Now that the attack is finally over and Taj is under our control, its time for analysts to analyse the situation. But, lets not just say as to why this thing happened? Now is the time to understand as what needs to be done to avoid such things in future. The brave commandos have shown while fighting with the terrorists that we just cant let anyone capture our nation. They have proved to us that their are people to make us realize that we can live in our homes peacefully. People like Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan and Hemant Karkare wil lalways be remembered in our hearts for their brave act, for they have shown that terrorists just go on like this. But, there has to be an end to all these terror activities. Someone must find a solution, and someone has to take that repsonsibiliy that, "Yes, we can." I reppeat those words of the USA preseident, Barack Obama that "Yes, we can....and we will fight this terrorism to its end." Lets not waste the lives of all those matyrs who have fought bravely with the terrorists to make our lives secure. My heart fills with tears, and I can very well understand how their family will be feeling at this moment as their place cannot be filled with anyone and it wont be either. It will be just matter of time that everyone will forget them as the human memory fades out wuite often but they will alwas remain in our hearts. So, while we remember them from our heart, lets light a candle and make a pledge that we will fight this terrorism to its end.

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