Thursday, January 15, 2009

Its Chilly!

Its cold out here in Delhi. After a long summer season, we delhities wait for this winter season to come at large and welcome it whole heartedly. I love the winter season because at least we don't have to sweat it out. Winters are cool, no need of switching ACs on, and no need of fans either. But, everything has its disadvantages and advantages. While the advantage I have already told you, the disadvantage is that you don't like to come out of the mattress. But, in this chilly winter season, I can see some people sweating it out, trying hard to earn a penny. Those people are cycle rickshaw pullers, rag pickers, flower vendors, and those who live on the footpath. They too feel the chill in this season but still they cant help it. They have to work it out, and do their job otherwise they wont survive. So, when I think of them, I realize, at least I am better of them because I have got a better education from my parents. I pray to god and thank my parents to have given me such good education, and that they have given me a roof over my head in this chilly season. So many people are there who curse everyone (and everyone including God) to have created too much of hot weather or cold but fail to realize that at least they have some protection. So, next time, when you curse GOD about the weather, think of someone who doesn't have any protection and you wont feel any hot or cold either. You wont even feel the wetness when it rains heavily.

Think about it!

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