Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mystery of Life...

Today, a strange thing happened while I was waiting to board my bus on my way home to Faridabad. I saw an old man, not so much old though, just had a grayed hair and wore pretty decent clothes so should have been from reputed background. He was distributing few pamphlets to all of us that mentioned the "The Mystery of Life..". Strange it sounded but quite true as it mentioned that a man is nothing but a God's purpose sent on this earth. God has created man for a definite purpose. Many few people realize this, and those who do so, we call them as messiah or messengers of God. Its a fact that all of us have a God inside us, and its only about believing in ourselves that we can believe in God. We tend to get so much busy with our own problems that we seldom have belief on our own selves. Its so easy to solve the mystery of life only if we want to understand it and believe on ourselves.

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