Monday, May 04, 2009

Life after marriage...

Its been just a couple of weeks since I have got married but it already seems that it has been a long time since I have got married. Life after marriage seems to be a lot different than before. Its beautiful and at the same time seems ugly sometimes. Life seems to have taken a U-turn post marriage, and you are not willing to take risks once you get married, even if you want to. You seem to be a lot responsible than you were in your bachelor days. Before marriage, your focus is centralised more on yourself but post marriage your focus shifts to your spouse and your family, and especially if you are living in a joint family. You seem to be understanding enough about the needs and desires of your spouse. I have had an advantage because I got pretty decent amount of time (around 6 months) of courtship where I got to understand about the likes and dislikes of my partner. So, if someone gets a long time before marriage, one should make full use of it to understand each and every thing about his/her partner. It is very essential for both man and woman to understand each other post marriage, and make conscious effort to make the marriage a wonderful experience.

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