Friday, October 06, 2006

It’s all about what we think….

Our mind is just like a computer where there is processing going on each time. Our mind is also full of thoughts and ideas that keep on coming. We cannot stop our mind to think but we can control the way we think by being present in the now. Our mind always comes across two types of thoughts, positive as well as negative. And, there is always a conflict between the two types of thoughts. It depends upon your actions and how you behave to certain things that allow you to win against each of these thoughts.

The dictionary meaning of a positive thought is being optimistic or confident or focus on good things. The more you use words like “I can” or “I will” or “I shall”..the more you start cultivating your mind with positive thoughts. A positive thought brings what it is called, a fighting spirit within you. It is this “fighting spirit” that allows you to avoid any kind of fear of doing things or making new friends or finding a true love in your life. So, in a way, a positive thought allows you to get rid of any kind of insecurity.

On the other hand, a negative thought is just an opposite of positive thought which means being pessimistic. A negative thought in your mind tends to have a detrimental outlook. For example, if a person uses words/sentences like “I am not good at any thing” or I cant do this”, then these thoughts pull the person down so as not to believe in him/her or in what he/she can do. The negative thoughts are like evils that build a wall around you disallowing you to even try out things which you feel that you can do.


Sherry said...

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