Saturday, November 29, 2008

Let us light a candle!

Four days, extreme face of terror. It was really terrible, what happened in Mumbai for last four days, it was such a terrible thing that when we think also, it feels scary for us. Its time for us all to support, pay tribute to all those commandos who fought fiercely and bravely with the terrorists, and finally took the three building under their control. I do not live in Mumbai though but I do want to extend my hearteous support to the mumbaikars; I fill tears in eyes for those who laid their lives. It is needless to say that their presence cannot be filled in theor families, but lests try to understand that life moves on, and lets just move on with te our daily routine. Throughout these 60 hours, there hasnt been a single minute when I havent made myself aware of the situations (thanks to all the news channels for their quick coverage..for whatever reason they did whether it was for TRP or whatever but I dont want to take the onues from them also). So, let us salute to all the matyrs who laid their lives while fighting with the terrorists so that we can sleep peacefully. But, its high time that the Government of India act to the situation as it is getting worse than ever. Everytime, I get out of office, I just have a fear in mind that whether I wil l come back alive or not. There is a fear in my mind that what if today is another bomb blast or a terror attack like this. Now that the attack is finally over and Taj is under our control, its time for analysts to analyse the situation. But, lets not just say as to why this thing happened? Now is the time to understand as what needs to be done to avoid such things in future. The brave commandos have shown while fighting with the terrorists that we just cant let anyone capture our nation. They have proved to us that their are people to make us realize that we can live in our homes peacefully. People like Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan and Hemant Karkare wil lalways be remembered in our hearts for their brave act, for they have shown that terrorists just go on like this. But, there has to be an end to all these terror activities. Someone must find a solution, and someone has to take that repsonsibiliy that, "Yes, we can." I reppeat those words of the USA preseident, Barack Obama that "Yes, we can....and we will fight this terrorism to its end." Lets not waste the lives of all those matyrs who have fought bravely with the terrorists to make our lives secure. My heart fills with tears, and I can very well understand how their family will be feeling at this moment as their place cannot be filled with anyone and it wont be either. It will be just matter of time that everyone will forget them as the human memory fades out wuite often but they will alwas remain in our hearts. So, while we remember them from our heart, lets light a candle and make a pledge that we will fight this terrorism to its end.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Last Sunday, I watched a Hindi movie called "Dasvidania" on my DVD. Its hero, Vinay Pathak, who also happened to be the Co-producer of the movie have done a wonderful job in the movie. It was well-written script, and left a message at the end. The movie started with Vinay making a "To-do list" of tasks he needs to do during the day, which we all do in our daily lives. So, this is so very similar to the reality, to which we all can co-relate. He makes a to-do list of all the tasks that he needs furing the day but forgets the tasks that he wanted to do in life, and one day comes when he is diagnosed with stomach cancer, and the doctor advises him that he wont stay beyond 3 months. He revisits his life, and tries to understands what had gone wrong in his entire course of life that had caused him this misery. He gets depressed, and turns to drinking in trying to realize the situation. It happens so many times that we create the To-do list of all the daily activities but in between all this, we tend forget the basic motto of life, and i.e. trying to be happy and enjoy the nature. We get engrossed so much in work that we even forget our own desires. There are so many things we desire to do like owning a farm house, going to beach or Seychelles, and so on. But, we get caught up so much in work that we cant find time to enjoy our life, and then a time comes when we have to go from this earth. It is then we realize but then it is too late. Like it happened with the hero of the film when the doctor gave him a notification of 3 months; it may not happen with everyone. Death comes all of a sudden, and we may not be able to do anything.

What will you do then?

Think about it?

Its time we realize that we all are guests on this earth, and we have to leave this earth one day, so until we are here, why not live every moment in joy and happiness, and share the same with our loved ones. Why not live each moment as if it was a last day on earth? Why not fulfill if not all, some of the desires that we want to?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mentoring Technical Writers!

In the recently concluded mentoring programme organized by STC India chapter, I was asked to rate the programme. Sometimes, we are put in such difficult situations where we have to do what we find the most difficult to do it. The programs like this really should happen once in a while because it not only benefits those who are in need but also those who are willing to spend their time for such unique cause. Apart from work, these activities also form an important part of an individual working in a corporate environment. In the recently published article "Maintaining Work-Life Balance) in the Indus newsletter (, I have clearly outlined the benefits of maintaining the Work-life balance and how essential it is for each one of us to spend as much time with our family as we do with our work. Continuing on the same topic, I believe that we can maintain a balance between work and personal life by being associated with the work itself, and that can be done by participating in such activities. It is all about to rejuvenate your energy levels. By mentoring another technical writer, we got to know our strengths and weaknesses as well. I feel proud that I have been a part of such a program, and would definitely like to participate in more such programs.

If anyone of you is willing to learn technical writing, do contact me at my email:

Monday, November 10, 2008

Good Gesture from Captain Cool!

Such a good gesture that you can only expect from the "Captain Cool": Mahindra Singh Dhoni to give over the reigns for the last 3-4 overs to "Dada" eyeing that this will be his last test. This is definitely called a true sportsman spirit, and paying tribute to the man under whom he had played once. Mahi is really a person to cherish with not only good cricketing skills but also having a good character. That's the reason why he is so successful because he does have a heart. Its not just about giving the reigns to Sourav Ganguly for one last time but its about the thought which made him do so such a thing. This gesture may not benefit him much but surely put him in the hearts of millions of fans of cricket, and it will open a new chapter in the history of Indian Cricket.

Salute to Mahi for this overwhelming gesture! And, salute to Dada for his overall contribution to Indian Cricket, which has been fabulous. Dada has been a gem of Indian Cricket, and I had always been a fan of his batting no matter what form he was in. Though, it felt sad when he announced his retirement but all said and done, everyone has its own time in Cricket, and with so many youngsters pouring in, its time now that he should step down and give a chance to them to come in. Dada should now play a more important role, that of a mentor in order to groom the "new Dada" of Indian Cricket - maybe from WB itself.

Monday, November 03, 2008

I just got my article published on "Maintaining Work-Life Balance" in the following link:

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