Thursday, December 14, 2006

How to Remain HAPPY?

It’s so simple to smile; but it’s too difficult to be happy. Many of us may think the last time when we were happy, and that brings joy and happiness in their lives. As, happiness is a process; it is not a place. We might have read several books on how to remain happy but unless you are happy from inside, no book can provide you happiness from outside. Researchers feel that happiness is a key ingredient to a healthy life. We often try to find out ways to remain happy. I ask you a question whether you do not try to extend your happiness situations to remain happy and in an event we tend to avoid un-pleasurable situations.

Today, we live in a society where information is provided to us instantly with latest technologies wherever we might be located. We might even find answers on Google on "how to remain happy" or "how to make ourselves smile" and so on..but all this information cant bring happiness in our lives until we transform ourselves, and adapt to the environment. First of all, I would ask you a question as to what is the aim in your life. To remain happy, it’s very important to understand the goal or an aim in your life. And, it’s equally important to identify your goal in this fast paced environment. I would like to recall the incident that happened in the famous epic, "Mahabharata" where 'Arjun' had just one aim when he was to hit the fish. I make him my idol and realize the simple fact that, Aimless person cannot remain happy from within. Ask yourself a simple question that have you accomplished the task you had set yourself today or have you set yourself any short- or long-term targets to achieve your goal.

Several researches have proved that only 30% of the people remain happy and 40% remain unhappy while the remaining 30% are in the dilemma whether to remain happy or not. This dilemma has a lot to do with what we used to study in school or colleges, and that is "Study". Our honorable teachers have taught us many subjects like Science, Maths, etc..but they haven’t taught us the simple philosophy of life that how to remain happy irrespective of situations that we face in our life. I know that this might sound awkward to you because how can one remain happy when some very near to you dies or you are at a funeral ceremony. People might think you a mad person to remain happy on a situation like this. But, in such situations also, you can remain happy. YES! Its not always important to smile when you are happy. Sometimes, being calm and remaining to oneself or accepting the present moment also pertains to happiness.

Now, you must be wondering to yourselves, "Why I am telling you all this? I am happy and much happier person in this earth. Moreover, if you think so, then think again and look inside yourselves as to whether you are saying truth to yourselves. As, life flows like a river with a many waves and tides occurring in it, and changing your life dramatically. Have you ever though, why do we want happiness because it feels good. Therefore, to feel good, it is equally important to adapt to the changing environment, as the world is not CONSTANT.

I would like you to try this simple exercise to think of three different things that you did today that should make you feel happy. THINK about it, and then you will feel an energy from within that will bring happiness in your life. Then, you will be the true happy person on this earth. Try to make others happy, or help those who are in need to get happiness in your lives. Try to gain composure when at pain – whether the ‘pain’ is physical or emotional.

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Monday, October 23, 2006

First of all, let me take this opportunity to congratulate all the readers of this blog a very happy and a prosperous deepawali and Eid. On this day, we celebrate the festival of lights and a victory of good versus evil, and also we pray that there is only one god and i.e. the mankind.

When you talk of skills for technical writers, what does it come into your mind? Is it just soft skills or just technical skills, or both of them?

Well, I believe, a technical writer should have more of soft skills than technical skills.

Technical writing involves translating the technical information into more easily understandable language. They prepare a lot of scientific and technical reports, operating and maintenance manuals, catalogues, assembly instructions, sales materials and project proposals. Thus, to be an effective technical writer, you require a good mixture of technical as well as soft skills, such as communication skills and listening skills. Few of the soft skills include the following:

  • Analyzing audiences
  • Interviewing different people, such as subject matter experts etc.
  • Facilitating meetings
  • Managing projects
  • Working without direct supervision
  • Understanding the product single-handedly
  • Having knowledge of different mediums, such as user manuals, marketing literature, technical illustrations, documentation, and so on.

It’s very important for a technical writer to communicate properly either with the client, user, or the developers to produce an effective documentation. The soft skills help a technical writer to build a healthy business relationship with the audience. In addition to this, a technical writer must be patient enough. There may be situations when the technical writers do not get much attention from their peers, developers, and client and so on. Being patient, it helps them to have a keen hope of being granted a one-to-one discussion with different people. Technical writers also must have an ability to quickly understand the information that they seek from different people. This helps them to save time and avoid any further repetitive discussions with different people. It is also equally important for the technical writers to have good researching skills. This means that the technical writers must be able to research properly on the information on which they have to prepare the documentation. It allows them to add value to the documentation.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The art of communicating: How effective is it for technical writers?

Recently, I read an article on communication skills, which says that communicating
with people is a tough job. It's not only tough but also difficult as it's a skill that requires you to practice daily. Communication means exchange - a communion demands that we listen and speak skillfully, not just talk mindlessly. For any individual communication is a key aspect in business, workplace, or at the domestic front. It is an important and essential tool to maintain good interpersonal relationships. Certain studies reveal that good communication skills have changed millions of lives.

Do you have it in you?

Let us understand the purpose of communication. Communication is the process of conveying your message to an individual or a group. Sometimes, during the process of communication people might misinterpret the conveyed messages, leading to needless confusion and counter productivity. Thus, for any communication to be successful the listener has to understand the exact message that is conveyed. In a recent survey of recruiters from the organizations of more than 50,000 employees, communication skill plays a major role in deciding a manager of the company. To effectively communicate, you must consider the following key things:

· The actual message
· The audience
· Perception of the message

There are certain barriers in communication that have a potential to create confusion as well as misunderstanding. Thus to communicate effectively, you need to minimize these barriers at each stage of the communication process. You need to be clear, concise, and accurate in your communication.

Ensure that the message you want to convey is short, organized, and accurate. In addition, avoid using poor verbal and body language that might confuse the listener.

Follow these rules to communicate effectively and build healthy relationships:

You versus I messages
During the communication process, try to use the first person (I) as they avoid blaming or accusing the receiver of the messages. For instance, it’s always better when you say, “When you cannot mail it to the client, I will prefer to mail it myself” instead of saying “You should have to mailed to the client”.

Communicate the complete message
Any message consists of four key components: observations, thoughts, feelings, and needs. If any of these components is missing, your message is incomplete which again confuses the listener.

Avoid using your feelings
While communicating, do not reveal your feelings to the listener. This might form a negative impression in the minds of the listeners. Be specific about the message and keep your voice under control.

Be problem-focused rather than person-focused
While communicating, use appropriate words that focus on the action and not on the character or the personality of the listener. Avoid criticism as it tends to blame and attack the individual personally.

Use a proper body language
You might be clear in conveying your message, but if your body language is inappropriate the whole message could be misunderstood. Try to avoid the following gestures while communicating:

· Rolling your eyes
· Crossing your legs or arms
· Tapping your foot
· Gritting your teeth

Avoid using any mixed messages
While conveying a message try to stick to a particular subject and avoid mixing compliments and complaints.

Resolve grudges and misunderstandings
If you have certain negative feelings about your listener, resolve them rather than letting the grudge into contempt. If your verbal or nonverbal behavior such as obvious abuse, insults, name calling, and so on conveys a lack of respect, your relationship with the other person is in danger. Any relationship that is beleaguered by abusiveness and negativity will have a very difficult time surviving.

Do not indulge in stonewalling
Theorists call the behavior of shutting down as stonewalling, which means refusing to communicate or storming out of the room. Thus, communication is impossible when you are stonewalling, because you refuse to participate in the communication process. Sometimes, stonewalling may even damage a healthy relationship. For more information on stonewalling, read the famous book Why Marriages Succeed or Fail and How You Can Make Yours Last by John Gottman.

In the end, I will like to quote the famous words of Carl W. Buechner who said, “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Thus, to be an effective communicator, you need to express your thoughts, ideas, and feelings to others but it is also essential to remember that you need do this very judiciously.

Monday, October 09, 2006

A letter to a friend

Hi Friend..

(this is a letter from a true to another true may belong to anyone..)

Whenever, I remember the day when we met, I feel tears im my eyes..its not tears of sadness..but tears of happiness. because, it was you made me realize the meaning of true friendship..somehow, I came to believe that somewere there are still some true friends who exist in this world. I dont know how we met whether it was destiny or what..but whatever it was, it was a very special moment for me as I got to know a person whom I will remember till the death do us apart..I can remember the days when I used to spent time with you and share my grief and happiness with you, and even I could share some of my confidenial secrets with you with a belief in mind that is called a "TRUST"...A true friendship is one where there is trues..and when there is no trust..there doesnt exist any friendship..I still remember the day when you were in a midst of career fall-down and I had made you realize the path that you need to wasnt I who said you those words..but it was a true friend who was trying to empathize you..My intentions were not to console you but to take you out of that moment...and you very well did..I still remember the day I was down mentally and you had brought me up and cherished me that really lifted my spirits..

For that is the true quality of friendship where a true friend always inspires you to do well..and understands you well..and above all lifts up your spirits..
the dictionary meaning of a friend is one who knows you well and regards you with affection and trust. A friend is a person with whom you are acquinted..who backs you or supports you in all your decisions..

and I would always like you to be my friend forwever...and always...

from a friend...

Friday, October 06, 2006

It’s all about what we think….

Our mind is just like a computer where there is processing going on each time. Our mind is also full of thoughts and ideas that keep on coming. We cannot stop our mind to think but we can control the way we think by being present in the now. Our mind always comes across two types of thoughts, positive as well as negative. And, there is always a conflict between the two types of thoughts. It depends upon your actions and how you behave to certain things that allow you to win against each of these thoughts.

The dictionary meaning of a positive thought is being optimistic or confident or focus on good things. The more you use words like “I can” or “I will” or “I shall”..the more you start cultivating your mind with positive thoughts. A positive thought brings what it is called, a fighting spirit within you. It is this “fighting spirit” that allows you to avoid any kind of fear of doing things or making new friends or finding a true love in your life. So, in a way, a positive thought allows you to get rid of any kind of insecurity.

On the other hand, a negative thought is just an opposite of positive thought which means being pessimistic. A negative thought in your mind tends to have a detrimental outlook. For example, if a person uses words/sentences like “I am not good at any thing” or I cant do this”, then these thoughts pull the person down so as not to believe in him/her or in what he/she can do. The negative thoughts are like evils that build a wall around you disallowing you to even try out things which you feel that you can do.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lost in the big city....

Well, I live in delhi..its a metro and as a matter of fact its a capital of India. We have accessibility to all the things that are required to lead a daily life such as buses, metro rail, cars, etc....but still there is something that is missing somewhere...

Somewhere, I feel we are running too fast and we are moving too much ahead of order to achieve something..We are trying ourselves too hard to press ourselves to succeed that is causing us to lead a stressfull life. Why is it that people who live in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Calcutta only have more heart attacks as compared to people who live in small towns..Its due to a simple reason that people in small towns tend to take life easily..they tend to live in a friendly manner...they also want to earn money..who doesnt want it anyways?? but in an other way, they also dont forget the importance of help each other at all make otehrs comfortable and at ease..which is not at all there in big cities due to the rush life..

And, this rush life is created by us..the is man-made..

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Zindagi ka Safar

yeh safar bada kathin hai...
phir bhi chalte jaana hai
har mod pe mushkilen hai..
phir bhi chalte jaana hai
kabhi dhooop to kabhi chaaon hai
phir bhi chalte jaana hai
kahin aar to kain paar hai…
phir bhi chalte jaana hai

Friday, August 25, 2006

Once upon a time, there was a Project Manager who used to work in a multinational software company. Or, should I start with “Once upon a time..”; but, since I am telling a story so I have to use it. Nevertheless, the Project Manager is still working there. It’s only that his life has been reformed now, and he is an improved person.

So, the Project Manager used to work 24 hours a day and seven days a week, and he was dedicated to his job. He had already been a recipient of many “Star Employee” awards in the company. Let me tell you about his personal life. He was married and had a good-looking wife. He also had a 6-year old son who went to a private school. But, since the Project Manager was always dedicated to his work…so he didn’t even had time to know about his child’s well being. Moreover, what class he has been into and he don’t even noticed his child’s first walk. Therefore, one day, when finally, he had nothing to do at office, he decided to go home a little early. That was a surprise for some of the people working in the company, and some even saw him in amusement. But, finally the day has come when he decided to go early. Therefore, he called his cab and asked the cab driver to drop him early today. When he reached home, a six-year old boy (who was his son) opened the door who failed to recognize his own dad and asked him, “Who are you?” The boy then went to his mother, and said, “There is someone on the door whom I don’t know”. His mother came running to the door, and first felt surprised, and then felt a little angry. Surprised because her husband has come before even his usual time, and angry because her son had failed to recognize his father. But, she didn’t express her anger to his son; instead, she looked at her husband and just gave an indication with her eye like it saying, “Look, your son don’t even recognize you”. That was the most embarrassing moment for the Project Manager because his own son didn’t even recognize him as his father. He didn’t say a word to his wife or to his son. He quietly stepped inside the house, and went to his room. Then, he closed the door and locked it from inside. He then took out his family album which he didn’t have time to take out all through these years.

At least, we have an advantage to watch our past through the photographs which makes us realize that what we have missed and what we have done.

The Project Manager quietly kept turning the pages of the album, and saw the moments that he had missed, the moments that he could cherished, the moments that were much better than those awards and trophies which he won in the company, the moments that he could have enjoyed while he was busy bringing profits for his company. He kept on turning pages of the album, and with each page turned; a drop fell from his eyes making him realize of the fact that he has missed so many cherishing moments. Then, finally, he came to picture where he saw his son with a trophy, which was not similar to one he had received in the company because it was much smaller. But, he was happy that his son too had won a trophy but sad that he wasn’t there to enjoy and celebrate the moment. Finally, the album ended, and he made up his mind; that was the end of the day. Because from there on, he will be a refined person and he vowed to himself that he will come early and spent time with his family, which includes his wife and his son and enjoy every moment. He wiped his tears, and opened the door with a smile like he had just been born or like a doctor opens a door when a child is born showing signs of happiness. He then sat down to have dinner with his wife and son…and listened to his son’s wildest things, and enjoyed them.

The moral of the story is that “Work but in between also do not forget to spent time with your loved ones..your family, your family may include anyone, such as wife, son, mother, father, or anyone else….because they need your time more than your money. Money can be earned but not TIME because it is time that’s precious and not MONEY…TIME is more precious than thousands of diamonds because once you lose it…you are left with only memories and nothing else.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sometimes it seems frustrating!

Yesterday, when I was going back home..I saw something that remains fresh in my memory even now. I saw a person traveling with me didn't had all his fingers in his left-hand. That was a tragic site..and I just felt bad after seeing that incident. How could he manage to work still without all his fingers??

But, still, he was..or rather he is surviving...

How many people we see in our society with such disability but still they are living life, and are more happier than us who seem to have no disability problems. I believe that such people provide us an indication on how should we live a Life. Life is beautiful so why should we complain on things that we don't have. Once I saw my friend saying to himself after watching Yuvraj Singh hit six sixes, "I wish I could be a cricketer then I could be earning like Yuvraj". So, his ultimate aim is not to be a cricketer but to earn lots of money, which he is doing already with his profession. It feels like people don't have confidence on their own abilities, on what they can do. This is a result of concentrating on what others have and not what you have. If you are able to find your own SELF, then you will be able to know what best you can do, what best you can give to this world. Every individual has a hidden talent within is just a matter of recognizing it at the right time. It is also having a positive attitude because only then one will be able to realize your own potential. Look into yourself first before you look into others to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and try to make weakness as your strength.

TRY to be your own self!

As Zig Ziglar wisely said, "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great"

Friday, August 11, 2006

Are you addicted too much to your job?

Here goes a story about a person whom I remember who used to behave and act as a technical writer in any walk of life. His name is Shyam. No matter, where was he or on what location; he just couldn't stop thinking that apart from being a technical writer he is something else also. I remember one incident when I had gone to his house for a dinner. Let me tell you something about his family. Shyam is married and he has lovely looking wife and a cute little daughter who is just 3 years old. So, when I reached his home, I was greeted by his wife. Shyam came from inside, and greeted me with a nice shake-hand and a lovely smile as usual. He was looking weak and had even grown fat as compared to what I had seen him six months earlier. Shyam and I work as Technical Writers, and it has been almost six months since we have met due to our lengthy schedules. He asked me if I need to have something, and I asked for a cup of tea. His wife came in with three cups. Then, we all sat together to have a chat and discussed about our past and how it has been. In the midst of the discussion, I noticed a very strange thing in Shyam. It was that whenever Shyam’s wife spoke; she as interrupted in between to improve the language and speak again. Moreover, he even interrupted me to speak correct language, and do not use any colloquial words. Then, I slowly realized the situation and thought to myself that he has been addicted so much to his job that he has taken it too personally. When Shyam went to kitchen to fetch a box of cookies that he has got from US, I got a chance to speak to his wife. His wife too agreed to this situation, and said, “I know that he has been addicted to the job but I am helpless as I have tried to explain him so many times. However, he has got his job to his nerves.” She said, “I have even threatened to leave the house if he doesn’t just stop getting too addicted to his job; but all in vain.”

Actually, this is the story of each software professional and it will become true for them if they don’t act at the right time and keep on working hard on their job. As there goes a saying, “Do not work hard; Work smart”. We need to understand one thing that whatever we do as a profession; in the end, it’s the family that matters for whom we earn a livelihood. In this story, the “Shyam” could be you, and it depends upon you as to how do you want to work. Recently, there was an article forwarded by one of my friends from Infosys chief, Naraynan Murthy, which clearly disallowed his employees to work overtime and advised them to spend their time with their respective families. So, I want to you to ask this question, “Are you getting addicted to your job?” If your answer is, Yes, then I recommend that you need a long break. Go ahead and have a weekend blast with your family or if you are married, and have a child, then try solving your child’s puzzle or make him/her do the math’s sums or even better help your wife get some groceries for the kitchen. In this way, you will get closer to your family and reduce the stress levels, and you will even make a better workplace.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Technical Writing: What’s in it for me as a fresher?

Time and now, I have seen the message in most of the technical writers’ forums that “What is in it for the freshers who want to pursue a career in technical writing?” I would rather ask a question to the forum that what it will take a person to enter into the technical writing field, whether it is a fresher or an experienced person.

First, let us define technical writing with the perspective of the freshers.

Technical Writing or technical writers are people who communicate the information to the end users. These are the people who convert the technical or scientific information into a form that is easily understood by the user.

Next, what we need to define is the skills required for technical writing.

Moreover, the answer is that a graduate from any discipline (preferably in Arts) who has a flare of writing can become a technical writer. The key skills for becoming a technical writer are:

· Good communication skills (both written as well as spoken)
· Ability to learn or understand technical topics

Some companies even require engineers as technical writers to write for their scientific/technical documents.

Now, what are the skills required? Most of the time, I have seen messages that says the companies require some experience in tools as well. To be a successful technical writer, you need to have ability to think logically and organize various thoughts that needs to be presented to the user.

Is there any professional training available for technical writing?
There are not many institutes that teaches you technical writing. Technical Writing is learnt while on the job. However, there are few initiatives that beginning to rise from Society of Technical communication (STC), India Chapter to train the budding technical writers in an event to promote technical writing in India.

How do companies recruit technical writers?
Like other fields, in technical writing too, companies follow the similar recruitment process to recruit technical writers. Most companies conduct a written test that tests your knowledge of Basic English grammar, and it tests you ability to think logically. In addition, some companies also test your technical skills if the job requires you to develop technical/scientific documents. Once you clear the test, it is then followed by an oral interview (through phone or personally) generally by a Sr. Technical Writer or technical communication manager. Once the oral interview s cleared, it then proceeds to HR interview.

Now, finally, what about the salaries?

Technical Writing today is buzzword!
A fresher can easily take home an amount of 6000-7000 Rs per month as a technical writer. If you are living in the cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, or Hyderabad, then you are a LUCKY ONE. As these cities provide with the best opportunities for technical writers, and you could start your career with a heavy amount of 10,000-12,000 Rs per month. Moreover, as you gradually grow with 4-5 years of experience, you can easily take home up to an amount of 30-40K per month.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Mumbai Serial Blasts: A destruction of humanity

BOOM! In one second there were series of blasts in 4-7 mumbai trains, and there was a massive destruction of humanity. People searching for their loved ones, praying for their long life; some even weeping after seeing the bodies..Its painful sight. It reminds of the twin blasts at 9/11 in USA and even before at the Mumbai bomb blasts few years back. Its a shame to the society, and destruction of humanity..kindness...The people involved in this series of blasts are not normal human beings; they are psychos'. They doesn't have any religion and nether do they operate for any religion. They have only god and that is "MONEY" and "POWER". For these two things, they can go to any extent; even kill each other..Forgetting that one day they will face the same fate in life..Government speaks of peace talks between the two nations; but wheres the peace?? Why are so may people being killed each day in the valley?? Why no country is not able to nab Osama Bin Laden like it did to Saddam Hussain? Why is it that a nation on one hand says that it is agains terrorism, and on the other hand backstabs and provides arms and ammunitions to the other groups...Its all because of one and only one thing...MONEY and POWER...these two are today's man's greatest friends and enemies too. As long as these remain in their minds, there will be continue to be blasts like ones that happend on 7/11...more disastrous than these..will come..Man has beome a social animal..thirsty of power and money..Its this thirst that thrives to gain more and more and more...its thirst never goes on and on and a wheel.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Writing is a form of Art. It’s a way of imagination – imagining the users how they will feel while reading our content. When we write a document whether it is a user manual, system administrator guide or a training manual, it is meant to be read by several users. Therefore, we need to ensure that the reader is able to understand what we wanted to convey. In this event, we need to make every attempt in order to convey the message appropriately to the reader. To do this, ensure the following:

  • Always use Active sentences wherever applicable in your content because passive sentences make your content lengthy and a bit difficult to be understood.
  • Use positive statements instead of negative statements as the latter may tend to put a negative effect on the reader.
  • Use punctuation marks judiciously in your content. Sometimes, the appropriate use of punctuation marks also helps for better readability of the content.
  • Use the “TRIANGLE” or the “PYRAMID” approach to explain a concept to the reader. This approach helps you to introduce the concept first and proceed with the higher details of the concept.
  • It is always better to create an outline before you even start writing the content. It provides a broad idea of the way you will present the information to the readers.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Secrets for Manifesting Your Heart's Desire

(Taken reference from Dr. Rebbie Straubing's course on relationships....)

There are few secrets in life that so simple that you may feel inclined to ignore them....but first lets get down to todays secret....

Secret 1: Focus on Uplifting Others

As you move through your work day, uplift everyone you come in contact with. Your mission is to have them feel better about themselves and life in general when they leave you than they did before they ran into you. So simple. So easy to do. And unbelievably powerful.

And what I love about this secret is that it is not only going to move you ahead with your boss or your employees or your co-workers or your clients, it also becomes a foundational part of your spiritual practice or what is called sadhana in yoga.

Well, let's think about it. You are certainly going to run into a few people who are not your cup of tea. And yet, you will stay true to your commitment to uplift others. It will become an interesting challenge as you find that some people connect with Source Energy through different channels than others. (Did I forget to mention that being an uplifter does not mean using your might and your muscle to lift the spirit of others? It is simply the art of saying, or doing something, or simply being a certain way, that influences others toward releasing their resistance. When that happens their spirit lifts automatically.)

So all you really do as an uplifter is ease people in their moment. Smile, acknowledge, see the beauty in the other and you will uplift them. By making this effort to look beyond the person's resistance-worn appearance and see through to their beautiful soul, you cause them to vibrate sympathetically.

Suddenly they too are sensing their beautiful soul and pretty soon they feel pretty good. When you discover the art of having this effect on people, you are an uplifter. And you too are uplifted in the process.

Really, this is the best way to move ahead in your career, or build a private practice as a professional, or get a raise as a cashier. It doesn't matter where you are now or where you want to be. Simply apply this secret and you will move… fast.
Be an uplifter.

This is absolutely essential!

Reference taken from

Friday, January 20, 2006

Why do People get angry sometimes....that is the question?

Sometimes, I feel why do people get angry...and that too at such petty things..Also, this includes getting angry is not so good or infact it is not at all good. Getting angry can be harmful for your well as it may cause a lot of mental may also be a spoil-sport in your relationships..If we are not happy at something...then we tend to get angry and in that event shout like hell...and waste our energy..which is not good...instead we should conserve our energy to use it in some useful work...One should laugh as much as possible...Daily, if you laugh atleast 30 mins then you are using a lot of muscels...which keeps you fresh....I used to get angru very often but now I have atleast learnt how to control my either involving myself in some other work...or remaining very pressure situations...and also I practise the morning and that gives me a lot of concentration...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

How good is your Manager?

What makes you a good manager? What are the most important qualities to be an effective manager?

Such questions must have crossed your mind if you are a manager or want to become an effective manager. Good managers do not necessarily make good leaders and good leaders do not necessarily make good managers. Below are few tips to become an effective manager:

  • Ability to communicate effectively:
    Communication is the most important thing to be a good manager. It requires you to communicate with people at all levels such as client, peers, or subordinates. A good manager should be open and direct towards its team members.
  • Ability to provide a shared vision:
    A good manager is described as having a vision of guiding the team members towards its direction and the ability to articulate that vision. It was once said that a “Good Manager is someone who lifts us up, gives us a reason for being and gives the vision and spirit to change."
  • Should have integrity:
    A good manager is remembered more by his/her actions than words. Thus, it is the manager who sets an example for the team. A good manager demands dedication to, and expression of, moral practices. Also, a good manager should be able to creating standards for ethical behavior for oneself and living by these standards.
  • Should have a positive attitude:
    A manager who has a negative attitude –may destroy the moral of team. . A good manager should have a positive attitude and should be filled with enthusiasm with a feeling of “We can do” attitude. A good manager with a positive attitude is committed to his/her goal express the commitment through optimism.
  • Must have team building skills:
    Above all, a good manager must have effective team-building skills which mean that manager must be able hold the team together in a common purpose toward the right objective. A good manager must be bale to transform a group of strangers to a single cohesive unit. In addition, a good manager must understand the process and dynamics required for this transformation. A good manager must also have understanding of different team players styles and how to capitalize on each of these styles at the appropriate time.
  • Should have effective problem-solving skills:
    Although a manager is said to share problem-solving responsibilities with the team; however, a good manager should have excellent problem-solving ability themselves.
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure:
    In the typical IT scenario where projects would be delivered on time, under a fixed budget and with no major problems or obstacles to overcome; it is required for a manager to remain calm under pressure situations. A good manager when encounters a stressful event, considers it interesting, and feels he/she can influence the outcome and view it as an opportunity.
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