Thursday, December 14, 2006

How to Remain HAPPY?

It’s so simple to smile; but it’s too difficult to be happy. Many of us may think the last time when we were happy, and that brings joy and happiness in their lives. As, happiness is a process; it is not a place. We might have read several books on how to remain happy but unless you are happy from inside, no book can provide you happiness from outside. Researchers feel that happiness is a key ingredient to a healthy life. We often try to find out ways to remain happy. I ask you a question whether you do not try to extend your happiness situations to remain happy and in an event we tend to avoid un-pleasurable situations.

Today, we live in a society where information is provided to us instantly with latest technologies wherever we might be located. We might even find answers on Google on "how to remain happy" or "how to make ourselves smile" and so on..but all this information cant bring happiness in our lives until we transform ourselves, and adapt to the environment. First of all, I would ask you a question as to what is the aim in your life. To remain happy, it’s very important to understand the goal or an aim in your life. And, it’s equally important to identify your goal in this fast paced environment. I would like to recall the incident that happened in the famous epic, "Mahabharata" where 'Arjun' had just one aim when he was to hit the fish. I make him my idol and realize the simple fact that, Aimless person cannot remain happy from within. Ask yourself a simple question that have you accomplished the task you had set yourself today or have you set yourself any short- or long-term targets to achieve your goal.

Several researches have proved that only 30% of the people remain happy and 40% remain unhappy while the remaining 30% are in the dilemma whether to remain happy or not. This dilemma has a lot to do with what we used to study in school or colleges, and that is "Study". Our honorable teachers have taught us many subjects like Science, Maths, etc..but they haven’t taught us the simple philosophy of life that how to remain happy irrespective of situations that we face in our life. I know that this might sound awkward to you because how can one remain happy when some very near to you dies or you are at a funeral ceremony. People might think you a mad person to remain happy on a situation like this. But, in such situations also, you can remain happy. YES! Its not always important to smile when you are happy. Sometimes, being calm and remaining to oneself or accepting the present moment also pertains to happiness.

Now, you must be wondering to yourselves, "Why I am telling you all this? I am happy and much happier person in this earth. Moreover, if you think so, then think again and look inside yourselves as to whether you are saying truth to yourselves. As, life flows like a river with a many waves and tides occurring in it, and changing your life dramatically. Have you ever though, why do we want happiness because it feels good. Therefore, to feel good, it is equally important to adapt to the changing environment, as the world is not CONSTANT.

I would like you to try this simple exercise to think of three different things that you did today that should make you feel happy. THINK about it, and then you will feel an energy from within that will bring happiness in your life. Then, you will be the true happy person on this earth. Try to make others happy, or help those who are in need to get happiness in your lives. Try to gain composure when at pain – whether the ‘pain’ is physical or emotional.

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Saurabh Kudesia said...


It is very simple to be happy, but very difficult to be simple. Most of the time we are so much obsessed by our goals and priorities that we fail to realise that the source of our happiness is not outside, but within us. The key is to contionously look inward and realise ourself to make the best of this momentarily existence.

Keep writing.