Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Currently, I am reading a book called “How to Grow Rich? By Napoleon Hill”, which clearly states the facts about how to grow rich?

Well, though there is no book that could teach you to earn money; but Napoleon Hill states few facts that help you to grow your mind, and be persistent with your thoughts in order to grow rich. It is essential for you keep your energy levels high and always keep yourselves charged up. It is essential for you to understand the importance of esteemed desire. It is the burning desire of money that convinces you of acquiring it. No matter, how hard work you do; until and unless you have that burning desire, you wont be able to acquire riches.

To grow rich, you need to keep away yourselves from various ghosts of fear, such as fear of poverty, fear of criticism, fear of ill health, fear of old age, fear of loss of someone, and last but not the least fear of death. These fears reflect your state of mind. Its your mind that allows you to think, to have thoughts of acquiring the world’s best riches. These fears will hinder your thoughts, and would come in your way in acquiring riches. You also must of faith in yourselves while acquiring riches.

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