Monday, November 10, 2008

Good Gesture from Captain Cool!

Such a good gesture that you can only expect from the "Captain Cool": Mahindra Singh Dhoni to give over the reigns for the last 3-4 overs to "Dada" eyeing that this will be his last test. This is definitely called a true sportsman spirit, and paying tribute to the man under whom he had played once. Mahi is really a person to cherish with not only good cricketing skills but also having a good character. That's the reason why he is so successful because he does have a heart. Its not just about giving the reigns to Sourav Ganguly for one last time but its about the thought which made him do so such a thing. This gesture may not benefit him much but surely put him in the hearts of millions of fans of cricket, and it will open a new chapter in the history of Indian Cricket.

Salute to Mahi for this overwhelming gesture! And, salute to Dada for his overall contribution to Indian Cricket, which has been fabulous. Dada has been a gem of Indian Cricket, and I had always been a fan of his batting no matter what form he was in. Though, it felt sad when he announced his retirement but all said and done, everyone has its own time in Cricket, and with so many youngsters pouring in, its time now that he should step down and give a chance to them to come in. Dada should now play a more important role, that of a mentor in order to groom the "new Dada" of Indian Cricket - maybe from WB itself.

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