Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Education system is improving..

Recently, Indian government approved the grading system for CBSE schools, which was really nice to know. It shows that finally the government has decided to improve the education system. This may be the first step towards the improvement, though but still it really provides us an opportunity to applaud the efforts of the government. Now, atleast, the students do not have too much of competition in their minds. The Government is trying to follow the US Education system by bringing in the grading system into place. This will generate a sense of involvement among the child as the children will now have to be upbeat throughout the year as they will be assessed accordingly. There is still a lot that needs to be done to improve upon the education system, which has been followed by an age-old philosophy. Times are changing and so should the education system also. It will require deep thinking and thorough planning. Someone needs to start somewhere. Like, there should also be a concept of "Tutor" or "Help Required" introduced if a child fails make adequate yearly progress. It is generally a trend that teachers may pay attention to a group of students who are consistently doing well in order to maintain the reputation of the school. This should not be the case as all the children have an equal amount of knowledge. Each of them is well-equipped with their own abilities. The concept of Tutor should be made mandatory by the Indian Government so that no student is left behind.

Still, I feel that its a good start for a new beginning into the education system in India. The road ahead is tough and has a lot of barriers. There are vast opportunities in this world, and the students should be made equipped to face the tough challenges.

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