Wednesday, February 03, 2010

"All izz Well!"

Some dialogues can be so thoughtful and inspiring. And, one such dialogue, "All izz Well" is from the Aamir Khan's latest movie, "3-idiots". And, the manner in which Aamir Khan speaks this dialogue is so refreshing. It fills whole lot of energy among you and gives you a sense of relaxation. The technique to do this is also very simple: "Just place your hand on your heart and speak 'All izz Well' three times and then you can see the difference yourself. It will give you a sense of relexation and your mind will eaze out. It works more when you are feeling utterly low. So, the next time you are feeling low, try uttering those three words and you will feel good.

All I can say is that All may not be well in your life but still saying those words will let you feel that "All is Well".
Enjoy life!

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