Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I hate people who like to backbite about someone

Recently, a friend of mine (whose name I do not wish to disclose it here) disclosed me a secret that really shocked me. My friend told me that someone has been spreading few rumors about me in the company where the friend works. Co-incidentally, both of them belong to the same organization and unfortunately the person who is spreading the rumors is working in the recruitment department. It really made me feel that why and how can anyone do such a thing. Why can't I do such a thing to any individual? I cant even think of doing such a thing to anyone whether he is my friend or not. I cant play with someone's career and it is against my principles as well. More shocking was that I haven't been in close touch with the person who has been spreading those rumors.

And its not only me for whom he has been spreading those rumors but he has been doing it for other people as well who he doesn't know well. 

This maybe the reason why he is spreading those rumors as he wants his close people only to enter the organization or he might want to earn some extra money via Employee Benefits. But, just to earn money, can anyone go to such an extent. This is unbelievable!! And, to tell you more, the prospective company have even gone ahead and blocked my resume because of this, which means that I cannot apply in that company anymore. This doesn't mean I will not get a job anywhere because of this or it will effect in my current role. No. But, it just makes us feel insecure that you would also want to have good terms with your peers, seniors, and even subordinates as you may never know who will do what or whats playing in their minds.

It really shocking it is, and till now I feel tremor down to my feet when I think about it. But, at this point of time, I just want to say one thing, "Oh Lord, Forgive that person as he doesn't know what he has done or he may be doing."

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