Friday, August 21, 2015

Cooking is a relaxing activity and is a lot of fun!

A girl had just arrived from her college and then ordered her mom to cook something for her as she was hungry. Her mom looked at her in surprise and asked her, "Didn't you eat anything in your college?".

"Oh, no! Mom. Its just not healthy and its costlier also comparing to what we eat at home", She replied. "Also, I really love home cooked food as it is so special especially if its cooked by you", she winked at her mom with a smile.

Her mom wasn't too impressed though but didn't say anything and continued to work.

After a few moments, she asked her mom again, "Mom, can I have something to eat, please".

"Why don't you cook for yourself if you are so hungry?", her mom told her.

"You know mom I cant cook", she replied.

"Well, then you must learn how to cook", her mom told her while asking her to take the knife.

"Learn to know mom, I just hate cooking and it is not my cup of tea", she replied.
She noticed that her mom had got upset by what she just said so she asked her again, "Ok, tell me one reason why I should learn to cook and then I will pick up that knife".

Her mother stopped her work in the middle for a while and replied, "Cooking is an art and a most relaxing activity. Omce you learn how to cook few things, you will then get addicted to learn more and more is so much fun and once you get the basics right, cooking will become more fun".

"Also, cooking is a basic life skill that I feel everyone should learn that may be helpful at some point of your life. In the present situation, people are neglecting to learn this most fundamental skill as they feel it is not essential at all. But, I must tell you one thing that if you master this skill then it will help you in being self-confident and creative and also help you to be more organized", she replied again.

Her daughter didn't say anything but just put on the apron from the shelf, picked up the knife, and was ready to cook.

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