Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Writing is a form of Art. It’s a way of imagination – imagining the users how they will feel while reading our content. When we write a document whether it is a user manual, system administrator guide or a training manual, it is meant to be read by several users. Therefore, we need to ensure that the reader is able to understand what we wanted to convey. In this event, we need to make every attempt in order to convey the message appropriately to the reader. To do this, ensure the following:

  • Always use Active sentences wherever applicable in your content because passive sentences make your content lengthy and a bit difficult to be understood.
  • Use positive statements instead of negative statements as the latter may tend to put a negative effect on the reader.
  • Use punctuation marks judiciously in your content. Sometimes, the appropriate use of punctuation marks also helps for better readability of the content.
  • Use the “TRIANGLE” or the “PYRAMID” approach to explain a concept to the reader. This approach helps you to introduce the concept first and proceed with the higher details of the concept.
  • It is always better to create an outline before you even start writing the content. It provides a broad idea of the way you will present the information to the readers.

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