Monday, July 17, 2006

Mumbai Serial Blasts: A destruction of humanity

BOOM! In one second there were series of blasts in 4-7 mumbai trains, and there was a massive destruction of humanity. People searching for their loved ones, praying for their long life; some even weeping after seeing the bodies..Its painful sight. It reminds of the twin blasts at 9/11 in USA and even before at the Mumbai bomb blasts few years back. Its a shame to the society, and destruction of humanity..kindness...The people involved in this series of blasts are not normal human beings; they are psychos'. They doesn't have any religion and nether do they operate for any religion. They have only god and that is "MONEY" and "POWER". For these two things, they can go to any extent; even kill each other..Forgetting that one day they will face the same fate in life..Government speaks of peace talks between the two nations; but wheres the peace?? Why are so may people being killed each day in the valley?? Why no country is not able to nab Osama Bin Laden like it did to Saddam Hussain? Why is it that a nation on one hand says that it is agains terrorism, and on the other hand backstabs and provides arms and ammunitions to the other groups...Its all because of one and only one thing...MONEY and POWER...these two are today's man's greatest friends and enemies too. As long as these remain in their minds, there will be continue to be blasts like ones that happend on 7/11...more disastrous than these..will come..Man has beome a social animal..thirsty of power and money..Its this thirst that thrives to gain more and more and more...its thirst never goes on and on and a wheel.

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