Friday, August 11, 2006

Are you addicted too much to your job?

Here goes a story about a person whom I remember who used to behave and act as a technical writer in any walk of life. His name is Shyam. No matter, where was he or on what location; he just couldn't stop thinking that apart from being a technical writer he is something else also. I remember one incident when I had gone to his house for a dinner. Let me tell you something about his family. Shyam is married and he has lovely looking wife and a cute little daughter who is just 3 years old. So, when I reached his home, I was greeted by his wife. Shyam came from inside, and greeted me with a nice shake-hand and a lovely smile as usual. He was looking weak and had even grown fat as compared to what I had seen him six months earlier. Shyam and I work as Technical Writers, and it has been almost six months since we have met due to our lengthy schedules. He asked me if I need to have something, and I asked for a cup of tea. His wife came in with three cups. Then, we all sat together to have a chat and discussed about our past and how it has been. In the midst of the discussion, I noticed a very strange thing in Shyam. It was that whenever Shyam’s wife spoke; she as interrupted in between to improve the language and speak again. Moreover, he even interrupted me to speak correct language, and do not use any colloquial words. Then, I slowly realized the situation and thought to myself that he has been addicted so much to his job that he has taken it too personally. When Shyam went to kitchen to fetch a box of cookies that he has got from US, I got a chance to speak to his wife. His wife too agreed to this situation, and said, “I know that he has been addicted to the job but I am helpless as I have tried to explain him so many times. However, he has got his job to his nerves.” She said, “I have even threatened to leave the house if he doesn’t just stop getting too addicted to his job; but all in vain.”

Actually, this is the story of each software professional and it will become true for them if they don’t act at the right time and keep on working hard on their job. As there goes a saying, “Do not work hard; Work smart”. We need to understand one thing that whatever we do as a profession; in the end, it’s the family that matters for whom we earn a livelihood. In this story, the “Shyam” could be you, and it depends upon you as to how do you want to work. Recently, there was an article forwarded by one of my friends from Infosys chief, Naraynan Murthy, which clearly disallowed his employees to work overtime and advised them to spend their time with their respective families. So, I want to you to ask this question, “Are you getting addicted to your job?” If your answer is, Yes, then I recommend that you need a long break. Go ahead and have a weekend blast with your family or if you are married, and have a child, then try solving your child’s puzzle or make him/her do the math’s sums or even better help your wife get some groceries for the kitchen. In this way, you will get closer to your family and reduce the stress levels, and you will even make a better workplace.

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