Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Technical Writing: What’s in it for me as a fresher?

Time and now, I have seen the message in most of the technical writers’ forums that “What is in it for the freshers who want to pursue a career in technical writing?” I would rather ask a question to the forum that what it will take a person to enter into the technical writing field, whether it is a fresher or an experienced person.

First, let us define technical writing with the perspective of the freshers.

Technical Writing or technical writers are people who communicate the information to the end users. These are the people who convert the technical or scientific information into a form that is easily understood by the user.

Next, what we need to define is the skills required for technical writing.

Moreover, the answer is that a graduate from any discipline (preferably in Arts) who has a flare of writing can become a technical writer. The key skills for becoming a technical writer are:

· Good communication skills (both written as well as spoken)
· Ability to learn or understand technical topics

Some companies even require engineers as technical writers to write for their scientific/technical documents.

Now, what are the skills required? Most of the time, I have seen messages that says the companies require some experience in tools as well. To be a successful technical writer, you need to have ability to think logically and organize various thoughts that needs to be presented to the user.

Is there any professional training available for technical writing?
There are not many institutes that teaches you technical writing. Technical Writing is learnt while on the job. However, there are few initiatives that beginning to rise from Society of Technical communication (STC), India Chapter to train the budding technical writers in an event to promote technical writing in India.

How do companies recruit technical writers?
Like other fields, in technical writing too, companies follow the similar recruitment process to recruit technical writers. Most companies conduct a written test that tests your knowledge of Basic English grammar, and it tests you ability to think logically. In addition, some companies also test your technical skills if the job requires you to develop technical/scientific documents. Once you clear the test, it is then followed by an oral interview (through phone or personally) generally by a Sr. Technical Writer or technical communication manager. Once the oral interview s cleared, it then proceeds to HR interview.

Now, finally, what about the salaries?

Technical Writing today is buzzword!
A fresher can easily take home an amount of 6000-7000 Rs per month as a technical writer. If you are living in the cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, or Hyderabad, then you are a LUCKY ONE. As these cities provide with the best opportunities for technical writers, and you could start your career with a heavy amount of 10,000-12,000 Rs per month. Moreover, as you gradually grow with 4-5 years of experience, you can easily take home up to an amount of 30-40K per month.


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Well-written blogs. Keep it flowing.
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Well-written blogs. Keep it flowing.
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