Tuesday, December 25, 2007


It's 9 :00 PM now..I am in the parking lot of my office. I look for my car, and drive away to go back home. It has been a exhaustive day thoughout, today with lots of meetings and even the boss wasnt in a good mood today. My life has become miserable. Sometimes, I feel like going away from this big bad corporate world. Meetings, deadlines, appraisals, incentives...etc etc. There is nothing innovative to do in life. I have so much to do in life. I want to play a guitar, want to sing a song, start my own restaurant, and blah blah! Theres so much to do..but still cant fulfill my own dreams as I am so use to this corporate world. I have now become a part of it, and have to cope with it.

I start driving, get out of the building, and come on the road. There, I see a woman wearing a white saree asking for a lift. She seems to be in a trouble. Her car, though nowhere to be seen might have broken down, or she also might have been working late like me, and has no other alternative to go home. I stop my car besides her..I dont know why I did it but my foot just went over the brakes automatically. Maybe, the woman was so attractive that I just couldnt resist myself. She had long hair, bluish eyes, and she looked like an angel on this earth.

To be continued......

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