Monday, January 07, 2008

These days there is a buzz round the corner in every news channels about Harbhajan Singh being banned for three tests, and India losing the second test because of poor umpriring decisions. Ricky Ponting, the captain of the "world champions" Australian team says they had played the match in true spirits. I didnt see it, and neither any cricket lover may have seen it. Australia may have won the ecord 16th test but how did they won it, thats a question. Maybe, no one will remember how they won the record test but still they will always have a guilt feeling within inside for what tehy have done. They will realize it sooner or later, somewhere down the line.

An article in quoted saying, "It is shameful this splendid test match, won in such a remarkable fashion by the indomitable Australians, has left such a bitter taste," wrote Mike Coward, veteran cricket writer."

All this hue and cry have been because of two issues, 1. Bad umpiring and 2. Ban on Harbhajan Singh for calling Symonds a "Monkey". I will not talk about the umpiring as it can happen with any test side..but Ban on Harbhajan Singh was really not expected. Recently, I was reading an article in CNN-IBN, "Monkey business? Symonds compared to Hanuman". Autralian newspapers have compared Andrew Symonds to Lord Hanuman who Hindus worhip. Soon, this news will splash in each and every news channels, and maybe some political parties even ask an explanation from the newspaper to compare Symonds with Hanuman. But, the main point is about the racial abuse that Andrew Symonds have complained about harbhajan singh to have called him a monkey. First of all, I would like to tell Mr. Symonds that the word "Monkey" is nowhere near the "Racial Abuse". It could be a racial abuse if he would have called him a black and so on....Whatever maybe the case, if Harbhajan Singh did call him a monkey then someone might have heard him except of Mr. Mathew Hayden and Mr Michael Clarke who have claimed to hear the the "M" word. As a matter of fact "Michael Clarke" even claims to catch the ball off Saurav's bat. So, wither Michael is telling a lie or there is a conspiracy in place against the Habhajan Singh and Indian team. Whatever may be the case, the loser has been the gentelman's game, "CRICKET". Yet, in this crisis, it is so good to see that the whole Indian team and the whole of India stands united to face the crisis.

I even read in an article quoting that "Since the Monkey God is one of the revered idols of Hindu mythology and worshipped by millions, it is surprising it was considered a racist term..."

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