Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Delhi ROCKS!

Last weekend, we witnessed yet another blasts hitting another metropolitan city, our very own "DELHI". All these blasts took place in the most happening places of Delhi viz-a-viz, Connaught Place, Greater Kailash-I, and Karol Bagh. Whovever did this horrifying act, had done his home-work well as the day being a "weekend" is filled with a lot of people coming over there for shopping and having fun. But, how do they know that the fun would be all lost in the sky. Those of whom, who stayed back home were lucky enough and those who went there were the unlucky ones. I have always heard from saints and my mom saying that life is in hands of the Almighty, "GOD" but I wander sometimes that is really life in God's hands or these people who perform such barbaric acts. I was listening in one of the news channels that one of the couples had come to Delhi for the first time, and had vowed to never come in their life again because what they suffered was really horrifying. Theor trip was made their last one due to this barbaric act. But, life moves on. Whatever, blasts may occur in Delhi, life still moves on at its own pace. The people who have performed such an act cant really disturb the mood of Delhi. Delhi still rocks and will continue to rock no matter how many bomb blasts may happen. The politicians have condemend it, media have criticized it, and a lot of people have suffered. But, with time, all will foget, and then people will come out again on streets to have fun and go for shopping. No terrorist can really put fear in our hearts and minds as long as we have faith in our GOD. Delhi is city where a millions of people from different culture and diversity have come to earn their livelihood, and have made it their home.

No one can burn the spirit of Delhities, and neither can such barbaric acts bring down our enery levels. We delhities will still say, "चलता है यार...ऐसे छोटे मोटे अच्सिदेंट्स तो होते ही रहते हैं तो इससे कोई जीना तो नहीं छोड़ देता॥"

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