Monday, September 01, 2008

Divide & Rule

So, here I am again with a yet another blog entry. Last month, there had been a quite a few so this month I will make a point to post as regular as possible.

Starting this month, we have some bad news and some good. Lets have some good news, and the good one is, that the Amarnath shrine board has agreed upon to compromise. Sometimes, I wonder when they had to compromise then it could have done some two months earlier, and it would have saved so much of bloodshed that have occurred since these months. Though, the Kashmir valley is not happy with this but its just the minor chuckles, and I believe congress have some shrewd politicians, and they will make them agree.

Now, for the bad news, the riots in Orissa seem to be in no control, and just for the wrong reason. And, now there are riots between Hindus and Christians. Sometimes, I wonder why our dear politicians feel so proud in having a religious divide among the people of India. It seems like they are following the "Divide & Rule" policy that the British used to do while they were here in India. The British though have gone but they have taught quite a few lessons to these politicians and this one is among them, Divide and Rule. You divide the people based upon the religions and rule upon them. But, today's man seem to be more aware of things, and have understood this underlying fact. They don't have any problem with any religion as far as they are getting the opportunities. This world has become a land of opportunities, though it had always been but people have realized this fact recently, and are trying to cope with it. So, be it a Hindi, a Muslim, a Christian, or a Sikh, all are mere individuals who come in this world as an individual to perform their duties, and then go back after they task is over, I mean to say after their retirement age comes ahead of them. Everything is planned for us, individuals. God has made a plan for each one of us, and have sent us according to that plan. There is no miss in any schedule, and all the deadlines are met accordingly.

So, how much we are divided and ruled upon, there is one Almighty who is ruling upon us, and who has sent us for a purpose and will call us when that purpose is finished.

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