Thursday, January 01, 2009

Its time to create resolutions!

31st Dec is here to stay today, and it is today that there will be talk of creating resolutions for the year 2009. Though, there are very few people who follow their own resolutions that they have created. I, myself, do not really believe in creating one that needs to be fulfilled for the entire year. It is believed that “New Year” is perhaps a good time to create a resolution. A resolution is basically a commitment that people usually make mostly to themselves (or to others as well sometimes) towards the coming year. A commitment can be related to a habit or a lifestyle change or it could be related to the family like you make a resolution to spend more time with your family. But, the question arises, do we really follow the resolutions that we create for our own benefit. Recent research of resolution conducted on several participants has shown that nearly 52% believed that they do not really need to create resolutions. Ands, that’s a quite high percentage. I also do not really believe creating any resolutions for the entire year; instead, I believe in creating the resolutions for each day. Take each day as if it was a new year. This will rejuvenate you and bring fresh energy within yourselves. Some people do have a habit of creating resolutions because it gives them a direction to lead the coming year. Some of the most common ones of the resolutions are losing weight, paying your debts, having a healthy diet plan, investing a good amount of money for the future, and spending enough amount of time with your loved ones. If you really want to make resolutions, then it is always advisable to make those which you can follow easily, i.e. always make “realistic” resolutions for the coming year, and don’t “expect” too much from yourself.

So, have you made a resolution for the year 2009?

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