Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And the countdown begins...

And the countdown for the year 2008 to end begins from now. If someone asks me to do a recap of 2008 as to how it has been, I would simple describe it in just one word, “Terrible”. And, many people would fairly believe with me that this year has been the worst of all. With so many things happened this year from bomb blasts that have taken place in most of cities in India to the latest terror strikes that happened in Mumbai on 26/11. Also, not to forget, the economic slowdown, which has brought the economy to where it all started. But, one should not lose hope because it’s a part of the game in life. After all, we do not have good times every time as we do have bad times as they were this year. 2008 has done one good thing, and i.e. it has brought all the people of India to stay united against the terror. All these lighting of candles at the India Gate and Gateway of India may seem rubbish but it has made us all realize the power of a “citizen”. Up till now, we citizens were just not bothered or if we were then we were just waiting for few people to act against the terror. And, that is what 2008 has done a good thing. It has made us stand united, holding hands and ask the politicians as to when will they just stop thinking about themselves and start thinking really about the country. It is nothing wrong though to think about yourselves but if people have voted you with a confidence then it becomes an utmost duty of a politician to prove them all that what you are worth it. Otherwise, if people lose faith upon the politicians, then it doesn’t take long to have them throw out of the power. It just shows the power that a citizen has…

So, as the sun of the New Year is beginning to rise, and as 2008 is beginning to hands the baton to the New Year, “2009”, let’s hope that New Year bring peace and prosperity in our lives and other people lives as we.. Let us all make a pledge that whatever may happen but we must stand united, and we will not bend down upon any faction of the society. In addition, let us all make a resolution that we must help out each other in times of any calamity, and let us all spread the word “happiness” in not only ours but other people’s lives as well.



RichardCShipp said...

Dear Anuj,

I ran into your blog this morning. I've done some editing and own a software development company, in which I developed the software manuals, etc. Guess that would fit under "technical writing."

I'm pleased with your priority and focus on your family. Besides the benefit to you, your family is most grateful, I'm sure.

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Best Humanitarian Wishes to you and your family for the New Year!

Richard C. Shipp (RCS)

Anuj Kapoor said...

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the comment. Will look at the site and get back to you.

With Regards,
Anuj Kapoor