Monday, October 27, 2014

And, he found his goal finally...

He was sitting idle on his workstation, thinking what to do, just scratching his head. His manager passed on to his workstation, and saw his peculiar behavior. His manager then thought for a while and then asked him to follow in a conference room. There was a bit of silence and both of them didn't know how to start. His manager then started to say something, and then finally told him, “You are fired”. He was stunned and didn't know what to do. Before even he could say anything, his manager had left the room already. He came back to his workstation and started to pack things. He picked each of the things at a time from his drawer, and then he found something interesting. It was a certificate for the best story writing competition that he has participated once in his organization. But, he never really thought more on to it due to tremendous work pressure. He thought for a while driving back home, and started to write few lines. He graduated to build more, and then finally he was able to develop a complete novel. In the next few weeks, he was really busy in finalizing on a publisher and to his luck, everything went really perfect. And then the day came when finally his first book was published, and it was a huge hit. 

Few months later ….
It was an award ceremony where he was invited to be awarded for his excellent work on the book. There were still few minutes for the award function to start and people were slowly beginning to arrive in the conference hall. Suddenly, he noticed his manager arrive in the hall. He went up to him and greeted him. His manager smiled and winked at him. Seeing this, he was a little surprised. He asked his manager, “Sir, why are you smiling?”
His manager then told him, “You know what… I had always known that you have something like this in your future and see, you have got it. Leadership is all about recognizing talents, my friend. I know you had the talent and I just gave you a direction. And, that really gave you a goal, which you were looking for but didn't realize before.

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