Monday, January 19, 2015

Why this sub-division of the class in our society?

The incident at McDonalds, Pune where a street kid was thrown out of its premises has awakened me from inside. It has made me think that why such discrimination among the different so called classes (which have been created by us only). It is not one off its kinds of incident that has happened but it’s just that this particular incident has been in limelight because of the social media. Let us go back to the history during the British raj where British used to discriminate among the Indians by putting a notice in the public places that “Dogs & Indians are not allowed”. Now, let us come back to the present and the situation is no different; instead, it is just that now we discriminate among different people. In today’s society, discrimination occurs in many different forms from gender inequality to a social class of a person. Everyday people are looked down upon because of the color of their skin or because they may have different beliefs. Despite of different forms of discrimination, the people that are discriminated the most are the ones who are based on their lower social class, and labeled as a disgrace to society in some ways. Instead of providing assistance to these people in need, society wants to ridicule them and take even more away from them, making it even harder for them to succeed.

Think about a public place where you haven’t found any discrimination happening. Have you seen a street kid inside any 5-star hotel? It’s not that he can’t afford but it is our so called society that prevents him to do so—to enter into any public place—to enjoy all the things that other kids do. God created humans but it’s we human beings who have further created this divide. We must understand that we come into this world without any knowledge of any discrimination. It is only when we open our eyes, we are told about our caste and creed, and this division is then known to us then.

So, why is it that we discriminate among the different classes? When even God hasn’t created this difference then who are we to create this divide? Are we bypassing his authority by creating this divide? 

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